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One of the social media merits for job seekers is LinkedIn. It is a unique social media sites because of what it does for you. It has an equal importance as which is the right site for you if you are writing your resume and its accompanying cover letter. Instead of wasting time asking your Facebook and Twitter friends for job opportunities, who don’t you instead sign up for LinkedIn and increase your chances of getting a job with a social media site? If you already have an account with the LinkedIn its time you started being active. This site pools employers and job seekers on the same platform. It is the only site that helps you meet your potential employer. The only thing that increases your chances of getting a job is when you complete your personal profile which essentially your resume as far LinkedIn is concerned. Provide all the legitimate details in the profile and most importantly a real profile photo. Employers don’t give attention to strangers. After your profile is complete, search for friends with whom you have common interests or targeting the same industries. Feel free to initiate chats with the senior people within the site.
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