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China's State Council Information Office published a White Paper on China's judicial reform, the person in charge of the Central Judicial System Reform Leading Group Office Jiang Weixin http://lvbags.onshops8.com, date of introduction said the White Paper, the weak link in China's judicial reform seize prone to a law enforcement problem, prominent the protection of human rights http://lvoutlet.factorys8.com, strengthen the supervision and control of the operation of power system protection to prevent miscarriages of justice. China for the first time published a White Paper on Judicial Reform 2910 Forwarded to A reporter's question, said In recent years, many miscarriages of justice after another disclosure, which questioned the country's judicial credibility suffered. May I ask how to ensure the future reform of the judicial system to prevent miscarriages of justice louis vuitton sale, so as to enhance the credibility of justice? Jiang Wei replied, the occurrence of miscarriages of justice, not only damages the credibility of justice and serious violations of the legitimate rights and interests of citizens. Weaknesses in China's judicial reform seize prone to a law enforcement problem, highlighting the protection of human rights http://lvoutlet.factorys8.com, strengthen the supervision and control of the operation of power protection system to prevent miscarriages of justice. Specifically First, strictly forbidden to extort confessions by torture and illegal forensics. Practice has proved that lead to miscarriages of justice occur for many reasons, but extorting confessions by torture, illegal forensics is the main reason. China to amend Criminal Procedure Law to improve the system of criminal evidence to establish the illegal evidence exclusion rules http://lvbags.onshops8.com, clear evidence of torture and other illegal means to collect, should be excluded. The second is to strengthen the witness to testify. Witnesses to testify for improving trial quality effectively reduce miscarriages of justice have important significance. To encourage witnesses to testify in court, establish and improve the witness protection system, clear the scope of the witness protection provides specific protection measures louis vuitton sale, the establishment of the witnesses to testify in court grants system. Third, is to protect and strengthen the rights of the defense of criminal suspects or defendants. Suspects commissioned in advance by the prosecution phase of the investigation stage, and to fully protect the rights of the defense lawyers practicing defense lawyer. To expand the scope of legal aid, legal aid originally offered only at the trial stage, expanded to the investigation, the prosecution phase. The fourth is to strengthen legal supervision of litigation activities. The provisions of Public Prosecutor's Office investigators collect evidence illegally, investigation and verification in accordance with the law, put forward rectification opinions. Implementation of the detainees to meet with the prosecutor's system, smooth further found that the trumped-up channels. Fifth, to promote the building of law enforcement standardization. The credibility from justice, justice began specification. Improved by modifying the Code of Criminal Procedure, detention, arrest evacuation remand and interrogation system, investigators on interrogation of detainees should be carried out in the detention center. Full implementation of the process of investigation and interrogation of audio and video recording system. Detention center and shelter Attorney the chamber networking, real-time, dynamic supervision of the investigation and interrogation, and regulatory activities. Perfect custody staff complaints and investigation mechanism, the establishment of the detainees to meet with the police, the detention center is responsible for system and timely investigation to deal with the complaints of detainees to sue. Sixth, strengthen social supervision of judicial activities. Further improve the litigants involved in human rights obligation to inform the system, deepening of open justice, to publicly promote justice. Through the improvement of the people's jury system, to explore the establishment of the people's supervisor system, broaden the channels of popular participation and supervision of judicial activities. FFSDKA122F
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